Physician Network Consultant

The demands on physicians extend far beyond simply caring for patients. In some ways, physician practices and networks function similarly to other businesses with responsibilities to oversee operations, manage revenue, and maintain profitability. Yet they also have a whole set of responsibilities specific to the medical field, such as interacting with insurance companies and remaining in compliance with applicable regulations. And they must do all this while maintaining optimal patient care. Compass Medical Solutions and the affiliates we work with understand the complex nature and competing priorities of physicians and physician networks. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, we assist in pursuing efficiency and cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality, compliant patient care.

Evaluating Opportunities

The decision to expand patient offerings or services can raise many questions for physician practices. There are a variety of options that require in-depth evaluation to ensure that providers choose the right ancillary. Compass Medical Solutions can help you compliantly determine whether particular ancillaries, such as labs, in-house pharmacy solutions, billing services, or other services, will improve patient care while increasing financial results. We can also help you develop the right plan for integrating ancillaries with an existing practice or facility.

Increasing Efficiency and Profitability

Some of our specialties include compliance documentation and implementation, finding effective ways to manage or reduce spending, and the evaluation of potential new revenue streams. We can help you reduce inefficiencies in coding, billing, and other relevant functional areas. Additionally, we have had experience working with physician practices and networks to address the issues unique to them.