Helping Healthcare Partners Succeed

Compass Medical Solutions is a healthcare consulting company that works with healthcare companies, hospitals, physicians, payers, healthcare investors, and government entities to optimize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and patient care. We do this through a number of avenues, including effective utilization of ancillary services, the provision of management and administrative services, the implementation of technological advances in healthcare, and value-driven procurement.

Organizational Leadership

Our broad experience across multiple industries within the healthcare field allows us to provide insight and strategic vision to help our customers grow, develop, and expand. Whether your organization is confronting a specific challenge or you just simply need help taking it to the next level, we have the experience and expertise to help. We provide guidance and support for top-level leaders and help you develop a strategy for assembling an effective leadership team. Services we provide include the following:

  • Executive Leadership Support – We provide guidance and support for top-level leaders. We can also help you develop a strategy for assembling an effective leadership team.
  • Outsourced Interim Leadership – If your organization is in a time of leadership transition, we can provide executive support on an interim basis.
  • Operational Support – We can help you evaluate how your organization works and how it can function more efficiently.
  • Opportunity Assessment – When you are considering an opportunity to bring additional value to your organization, we can provide you with a robust analysis that is both informed and objective.
  • Policy Development/Control– With a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory environment of the healthcare industry, we will help your practice evaluate its policy compliance.
  • Vision Casting – We help industry leading healthcare operations establish their vision, setting their direction and formulating strategic goals and objectives.
  • Execution Planning – We help you execute your business goals by identifying your objectives, setting organizational accountabilities, determining meaningful performance metrics, and prioritizing projects to deliver set objectives.

Healthcare Consulting

In addition to organizational consulting, we can also provide assistance to address specific issues or concerns with development and execution. Some specific consulting and advisory services we provide include:

  • Service & Product Line Development – We partner with you to evaluate opportunities to invest in new products or additional revenue streams, including the calculation of fair market value.
  • Technical & Administrative Consulting Services – Our technical consultants will help you solve problems and resolve any issues you have.
  • Program & Project Management – Knowing what it takes to achieve results, we will provide the required management and oversight as needed throughout the process.
  • Brand Development and Management – Our team can help you develop a brand that clearly represents your company and your product to your potential customers.
  • Marketing Development and Support– We will help you get your message out to buyers by helping you develop effective strategies and messaging.
  • Opportunity Development and Analysis – We partner with you to evaluate opportunities to invest in new products or additional revenue streams.
  • Policy Interpretation – We provide assistance in understanding regulatory and legal concerns as they relate to your business, services, or products.
  • Public Policy Development – Our broad experience in the healthcare industry allows our public sector experts to advise and consult on the potential ramifications of various public policy decisions.

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